Dali 3D UI Engine

Dali is an open-source engine for 3D User Interfaces. It is a core component (3DUI) of the Tizen platform for digital lifestyle devices, from wearables, to smartphones, to TVs, to appliances such as fridges. It allows applications on those devices to have animation-rich user interfaces running at 60 Hz, hiding away the lower-level APIs like OpenGL ES, and the background threads for world state update, render, and asynchronous resource loading, so application developers can get on with building functionality. It is also cross-platform capable, with development possible on Ubuntu 14.04, and has an adaptor layer which abstracts it from the underlying platform.


Dali has changed a lot since this page was written. You may wish to start your reading here now: https://dalihub.github.io/

Presentation On Dali

Full Documentation for Dali

Dali Code

There is comprehensive documentation available. The programming guide, branches-out into hyperlinked, syntax-highlighted, source-code, interwoven with generated documentation. Some important classes include:

Open Source Repositories For Dali

Development on Dali happens right out in the open. You can follow-along or submit a patch for review through Gerrit here: