Semiaccurate Think AMD’s Mantle API has a Rosier Future on Windows 7 Than DirectX 12

Thomas Ryan has put up a piece based on a conversation with AMD’s Richard Huddy. It concentrates on DX12 versus Mantle on Windows 7, but with hints emerging that OpenGL’s next major release will be Mantle-like and low level, I speculate that AMD will be unlikely to want to continue the development of their internal Mantle API after they have succeeded in influencing the mainstream direction of the industry. Surely they will want to concentrate their engineering resources on implementing the spec that they have had the greatest part in designing and stay at the front of that Khronos effort.

All in all, it is an odd little piece but if you are hungry for any Mantle / GL Next tidbit you can find, read more here: Why AMD’s Mantle API will outlive DirectX 12.

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