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Introduction to Vulkan

The best short introduction to Vulkan for developers that we have so far is written by baldurk. He is the author of RenderDoc, a graphics debugger with Vulkan support.

I’ve written this post with a specific target audience in mind, namely those who have a good grounding in existing APIs (e.g. D3D11 and GL) and understand the concepts of multithreading, staging resources, synchronisation and so on but want to know specifically how they are implemented in Vulkan. … Mostly, this is the document I wish had already been written when I first encountered Vulkan – so for the most part it is tuned to what I would have wanted to know.

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Vulkan Information and News

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Vulkan 1.0 Released

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Official SPIR-V assembler, binary module parser, disassembler, and validator released on GitHub

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Vulkan Resources

Vulkan Primers

Vulkan Tutorials

Vulkan Ray Tracing Tutorials

  • NVIDIA Vulkan Ray Tracing Tutorial by Martin-Karl Lefrançois and Pascal Gautron: Goes through everything required to adapt a simple rasterized Vulkan example to be ray traced with the VK_NV_ray_tracing extension. The tutorial comes with some helper code documented here.

Vulkan Articles

Vulkan Wrappers, Helpers, and Utility Libraries

Example Vulkan Code

Presentations on Vulkan

  • Migrating from OpenGL to Vulkan, Mark Kilgard, NVIDIA, January 19, 2016. PDF
  • C++ API Layer on top of Vulkan, Markus Tavenrath, NVIDIA, 2016. PDF
  • High Performance Vulkan: Lessons Learned from Source 2, John McDonald, Valve, 2016. PDF
  • Vulkan Overview and Roadmap for NVIDIA GPUs, Piers Daniell, NVIDIA, January 19 2016. PDF

Projects Using Vulkan

Discussion & Q&A

Other Vulkan Resource Pages

Prerelease Information

  • [PRERELEASE]Loads of code and information in these SIGGRAPH 2015 Presentations - An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs, "This introductory course provides an overview of switching from current to next-gen APIs; discusses similarities between next-gen APIs; covers basic API details for DirectX12, Vulkan, etc.; explores specific case studies from developers working with these APIs":
  • [PRERELEASE]Imagination Technology Vulkan Webinars (Videos and blog posts)

Prerelease Videos

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