Vulkan News

Goings-on in the world of the Khronos Group's explicit, parallel GPU graphics and compute API

Vulkan 1.0 Released

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Tobias Hector of Imagination Technology Writes About Capabilities, Limits, Extensions, and Profiles for Vulkan

    Tobias, who is one of the key figures in the Vulkan efforts at Imagination (you may have seen him previously talking about their gnomes demo), has written about the mechanisms in Vulkan to account for the differences between implementations of the API on…

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Vulkan Overview and Demos at GDC 2015 [Video]

Highlights 0:015:00 Graham Sellers does a walk-through of a complete application, explaining bits of Vulkan API along the way. 0:35:45 John Kessenich Goes through the SPIR-V shader and kernel binary intermediate representation. If you have some suggestions of highlights and key points, let me know…

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