Readable-Column Stylish Plugin Styles to Make the Web More Readable

Many many websites out there spread themselves wide to fill a browser window with their text. To cope with this, and let me see the web with a text column width more like a default latex document’s, I have some styles for the Stylish Chrom[e|ium] plugin. I try to reach into a page and resize the paragraph div or article tags holding the text content where the site is well-formed enough to allow it, but often I need to resize the whole body of a document. Here are my current collection:

Please join me in making styles like this and submitting them to with the phrase “Readable Column” in the title. Here is the css for the simplest option of resizing the whole page for an example domain:
@-moz-document domain("") {
body {
  max-width: 45em;
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;
Cut and paste that and apply it to as many domains as you come across that need it. Together we can make the web more readable.

Yes this very site, my home pages, suffers from the same problem. Something always breaks in this overly complex WordPress theme when I try to hack it to keep text narrow. Lesson learned: narrow text column capability is a core requirement the next time I make a website.