Valve Take Control of Next-gen OpenGL at Game Developers Conference

The GDC schedule and this Khronos news item show Valve hosting an off-campus GDC session on OpenGL-Next, the new, low-level, efficient replacement for the existing legacy OpenGL standards.

It is revealing that Valve are in charge of this session about a standard for which AMD and NVIDIA, and the many mobile players would seem to have strong vested interests. It has been a long time since OpenGL has had singular leadership under SGI’s control. Since then it has languished in design by committee stagnation, following Direct3D’s features roadmap. Are we seeing a new leader emerge? Will Valve become the benevolent dictator to push their agenda through the Khronos committees much as Apple did with OpenCL? Since their agenda is bringing cutting edge AAA games to a Linux platform, that would be a very interesting development indeed.

This is what has been announced so far:

Join us for the unveiling of Khronos’ glNext initiative, the upcoming cross-platform graphics API designed for modern programming techniques and processors. glNext will be the singular choice for developers who demand peak performance in their applications. We will present a technical breakdown of the API, advanced techniques and live demos of real-world applications running on glNext drivers and hardware.

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