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In its present (winter 17/18) form React VR seems to be very much a user interface engine, rather than a general purpose VR toolkit. Facebook’s own use case for it is building UIs for its internal Oculus apps so that is hardly surprising. What it gives you good support for is a set of 2D UI controls placed on surfaces in a virtual environment, panoramic images for backgrounds, and simple display of rigid meshes loaded from the Obj file format.

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React VR Tutorials

Getting started with React VR

By Esteban Herrera, April 26, 2017


  • A thorough intro covering the topics Requirements, Creating the project, React VR, Pano images, 3D models, Animating the models, and Styling and Buttons.

How To Make React VR Apps

by Alexander Sokhanych, May 01, 2017


  • Setup, navigation between scenes, some UI animation.

Bring Virtual Reality to Your Browser with ReactVR

by Mirosław Ciastek, Jan 24, 2018

Three.js torus mesh in a custom component

  • A web-centric introduction, ignoring that the Three.js backend is just one of many possible.
  • Shows how to use a Three.js torus mesh in a custom View and native modules directly, rather than relying on ReactVR's OBJ 3D model loader if you don't mind being tied to the web backend.

How I got a React VR dev environment working with an Android Cardboard HMD

By Brandon Bakker, Apr 22, 2017


Coding Commanders Introduction to React VR

Basic intro ... some code interspersed with very few words.

React VR Postmortems

Mint: Building (Dinosaur Galaxy) in React VR: What we learned

Completion Screenshot

Other React VR Articles

5 Tips When Using ReactVR

  • How to properly select a Pano image.
  • How to easily navigate your app.
  • How to properly maintain your styles.
  • How to debug your ReactVR app.
  • How to preview your ReactVR app on a Google Cardboard.




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